Where are the top ten greenest cities in the world?

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6/ Malmö, Sweden

It seems as though environmental issues are popular with Scandinavian countries. The major wind farm, Lillgrund propels Malmö into the top green cities in the world.  Created in 2007, this site has no less that 50 wind turbines erected in the middle of the ocean.  The Western Harbour district, gets it’s energy solely from renewable energy either, solar, wind, water or recycled bio-fuels.

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7/ Vancouver, Canada

Moving away from the European border, Vancouver rises itself into the top list of the greenest towns in the world.  This innovative Canadian city has waste compactors throughout the city which work using solar energy, as well as supplying a geo-thermal heating system.  Vancouver also likes green spaces and you can feel that in the air.  The city has some 200 parks when stressed or busy city dwellers can get some much needed oxygen!  What does Vancouver hope for the future?  It hopes that it will become the greenest city in the world!  No more than that…

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8/ San Francisco, USA

If you struggle to think American would feature in the greenest towns in the world we can understand your logic.  However the Californian surfers aren’t ready to give up on their green projects.  San Francisco was the first American city to ban plastic bags.  Also remember that it was one of the first to surf the electric wave and set up an electric car revolution.  The city hopes that in the future it will become a zero waste city and stop unnecessary wasting.  Great resolutions!

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9/ Portland, USA

Portland is another American town which appears in the list of the greenest cities in the world.  This city in the Oregon State is a great eco student which looks to stand out with it’s popularity for car sharing, local and seasonal products and recycling. Following it’s Californian compatriot, in their decision to ban single use plastic bags, the town is regularly cited as being very bike friendly with nice pathways.

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10/ Bristol, United Kingdom

One British city makes it onto the list!  Bristol which also received a European Green Capital Award, is the greenest city in Britain.  This tourist destination which doesn’t stop attracting visitors has a green way of life which is not just seen in the city’s parks.  In 2015, local authorities invested more than 500 million pounds to put alternative transport measures in place and it looks like it will continue down this path (or rather this cycle path!).

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*This list of greenest cities in the world is obviously susceptible to evolve overtime and depending on governmental strategies.  Except from Reykjavik which takes the first place, the other cities are positioned in a random order. 


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