Where are the top ten greenest cities in the world?

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Where are the greenest cities in the world?  In Europe the majority are found the Scandinavian north (no surprise there), but where else in the world can we find environmentally friendly towns?  Here is a list* of the top ten greenest cities in the world.

Although there are worse places in the world, Britain isn’t exactly there most ecological country.  Steps have been made to try and reduce waste like charging for the use of plastic bags, recycling and composting bins in cities and a growing trend for buying locally grown food and avoiding unnecessary food waste.  This includes apps that have been set up like Too Good To Go which many restaurants are now using.  However what else could Britain do to become more environmentally friendly?  Well let’s have a look at some of the greenest cities in the world to get some inspiration!

1/ Reykjavik, Iceland

Nicknamed “Smoke bay”, Reykjavik does not get it’s name from exhaust or industrial fumes as you might think but in fact it comes from the countries volcanoes.  In fact the city currently uses only 0.1% of fossil fuels as inhabitants heat and light their homes with mainly renewable energy. By 2050, the city is seriously thinking about passing the zero mark. Hat’s off!

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2/ Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian capital takes second place in the list of the greenest cities in the world.  This is unsurprising when you think that it is the city that has given off the least greenhouse gases in the whole of Europe.  Around 85% of Norwegian children do the school run on foot or by bike or take a hyrdoelectric fueled city bus.  The cherry on the cake is that by 2020 Oslo hope to scratch fossil fuels from it’s energy map.  This city well deserves this title!

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3/ Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm should be proud of it’s eco friendly efforts after claiming a European Green Capital Award.  The Swedish capital makes a point of highlighting sustainable development and this is not a new commitment. Environmental changes shaping the northern city have continued to evolve since the 1960s. With cycling as the preferred means of transportation, food from organic farming and a target of 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions for 2020, this city is as green as Shrek’s face!

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4/ Copenhagen, Denmark

Just like it’s Swedish compatriot, the Danish capital had the honour of receiving the European Green Capital Award for it’s environmental efforts.  The majority of the city’s restaurants use local and seasonal products and cycling is the common mode of transport for millions of people.  The city’s main goal for 2020 is to reach carbon neutrality. We have no doubt that they’ll reach their goal!

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5/ Freibourg, Germany

In Freibourg there is one neighborhood that stands out.  That is the car-free neighborhood of Vauban where some 5,000 people live on foot or by bike, making it the largest district in Europe where cars are not allowed into the city. In addition to that, the city’s churches, schools and town hall are equipped with solar panels. The town plans to reduce it’s carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. Not bad future goal.

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