Veggie life: 10 comments you can no longer put up with

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Veggie life can often involve dodging comments from people who try and pull down your opinions. Whether it’s remarks from your mother-in-law who can’t fathom why you won’t eat her stews, or wind up comments for your friends who don’t seem to care as much for the environment, there are plenty times that you’ll be have to defend your reasons.  Here is a list of common remarks you’ll often have to deal with. Why do you have to put up with it!

It is not always easy being vegetarian.  Whether your going for a meal at the in-laws who don’t understand your views at all, or over the festive period or even going to some restauranst, you can quite rightly go a bit nuts.   This doesn’t even include the cutting remarks that your friends can sometime come out with without thinking… Explaining why you’ve chosen a veggie life can often be a constant battle

1/ “Are you not fed up of eating salads?”

All you have to do is politely remind your accuser that your diet still lets you eat 4 cheese pizzas, mac ‘n cheese and tiramisus.

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2/ “Just because you no longer eat meat doesn’t mean they’ll stop killing animals”

You’d better watch out or it might be you who if going to be killed… this is not a very useful or measured response!

3/ “Did you know that there is pork in some sweets?”

Of course this is exactly why you avoid eating gelatin filled Haribo sweets which you might only buy for the groups of children who come knocking at your door at Halloween.  Between just us it is possible that you were caught out, but shhh!

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4/ “You must have lots of deficiencies

You can’t stand hearing that you have to eat everything to be in good health and especially meat.  Since when has red meat been recommended if you want to have an iron-clad health?  However unfortunately being vegetarian doesn’t always fit with traditional British meals…

5/ “Being vegetarian is for rich kids”

Since when has meat and fish been cheap products?

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