Urban myths: 11 widely held ideas you need to stop believing

Eggs are bad for your cholesterol, men should pee standing up, women can’t ejaculate…. There are so many urban myths out there that are concretely anchored in our society – but we are about to turn a few of them upside down!

Many urban legends, no matter how unlikely, tend to stick. Unfortunately, they lead us into unfounded beliefs, which can frighten us or even stop us from doing the things we want to do. However, people tend not to question them, and they live on through popular belief. Here are 11 urban myths that you urgently need to stop believing!

1/ Men should pee standing up

Gentlemen, for the good of your prostates, relieve yourself in a seated position. This posture allows you to fully (and more easily) empty the bladder, which can limit the risks of prostate cancer. A small blow to your ego could make all the difference to your health! In any case, no one is around to see you sitting on the throne!

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2/ Women cannot ejaculate

Ejaculation isn’t just the preserve of men! Erections, perhaps, but have you never heard of female ejaculation? It is when women emit a liquid during sex, and is in fact a form of mini ejaculation.

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3/ You should never go swimming just after a meal

Rest assured, getting cramps and drowning is not something that happens systematically. Our bodies luckily have the capacity to ensure that our organs continue to function after a meal.

swimming pool
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4/ You need to sleep for 8 hours every night

According to several studies, sleeping for 8 hours a night doesn’t match up with our natural sleep cycles. A night made up of 4 hours sleep, waking for 2 hours, and finishing with another 4 hour sleep would be more effective and natural, and this model of sleep dates back to the Middle Ages. Although it could be difficult to make it work in modern life….

feet in bed
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5/ You should never wake up a sleepwalker

Forget your fears about them jumping out the windows, there is nothing dangerous about waking up someone who is sleepwalking! However, they could become aggressive if you surprise them. Guide the person gently back towards their bed so that they spend the remainder of the night in a restful sleep.

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6/ Mixing your drinks makes you more drunk

You are sure to have been told that you should never mix the grape and the grain, particularly the morning after the night before. You probably also believe that starting with beer and finishing with whiskey, having had a few glasses of wine on the way will make you more drunk than if you had stuck to the one drink. This is one of the most widely held urban myths! However, regardless of the type of alcohol on which you overdo it, it’s the concentration of alcohol in your blood that counts. Alcohol is alcohol, after all.

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