Unusual pizza boxes: 14 creative delivery guys that can crack a joke

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Pizza can be a bit of a ritual. Often a classic Sunday night dinner when you can’t be bothered cooking but end up waiting 3 hours for the delivery guy to ring. However thanks to delivery guys you now no longer need to move from your house as they come to you. Here are 14 creative pizza boxes that have been specially customised by delivery guys with a sense of humour. We bet they caused quite the surprise…

There are hundreds of pizza takeaways. Whether it is a pizza truck, an Italian restaurant or an international chain it is clear that we are never far from a margarita pizza! Each time we order a pizza it gets delivered in the classic pizza box (We’re still waiting for a more ecological solution.) But sometimes creativity must spark from the pizza oven. Here are 14 customised pizza boxes that will make you smile.

1/ Chef Spock

“It is hard to live long and prosper when you fatties keep eating all the bacon!” Is Spock a fan of a vegetarian pizza?

2/ A grumpy cat

Is this a depiction of the artists current mood?

3/A giraffe that is looking at you through the corner of it’s eye

This brilliantly sketched giraffe seems to have caught your eye!

4/A naked pizza

Naked pizza delivery! Only a rather rude artist could come up with these ideas

5/ Bad joke

6/ A fan of Star Wars

Well if Yoda says it, I believe him!

7/ Culinary declaration

An unexpected marriage proposal that some might find more romantic than others depending on their taste.. In any case you can’t deny it would be a real surprise when you open up the box to pull out a slice!