Unusual perfumes: 10 strange eau de toilette

10 strange eau de toilette that border on the ridiculous

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

4/ Funeral Home

This fragrance was named after a member of the brand’s team said he thought it smelt of grand-father’s funeral! Everyone would loved to smell of that… You’ll leave a deathly silence anytime you enter a room!

 3/ Flame, by Burger King

The rather strange marketing techniques of this giant fast food company have gone one step too far: showcasing the Burger King himself adopting a sensual pose draped in animal furs beside a roaring fire! Who knows, perhaps they are trying to imply that smells of grilled meat is seducing and will get your taste buds watering…

 2/ Pizza Hot, from Pizza Hut

In Canada, Pizza Hut wondered if they could do more than just “good” pizzas! They decided to make a perfume that smelt of pizza! We’re unsure lots of people will voluntarily choose to smell of cheese, but after all who are we to judge?

1/ Jean Peste perfumes

Some of their perfumes have more exotic sounding names than others. Surprisingly many buyers are rather positive about the smell and quality… or perhaps it is the notes of humour they like?

Strange perfumes that eccentric people will love! What about you?

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