Unusual perfumes: 10 strange eau de toilette

10 strange eau de toilette that border on the ridiculous

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

What would you prefer? A perfume that smells of money, of a Mac Book Pro or of a pizza that’s just come out of the oven? They are all rather unusual perfumes that we’d be surprised to find people flocking to buy! However here are 10 rather ridiculous perfumes that eccentrics might enjoy!

Many people like to spray themselves with perfume in the morning. The scent can represent a person’s mood or their personality. Everyone has scents that they prefer more than others, whether it is woody, floral, sweet or fresh… everything seems to have it’s place in the market. This even seems to be the case for rather strange scent that we wouldn’t even imagine existed. Have a look at ten ridiculous scents in the list below!

 10/ Fat Electrician, wafts of a builder’s bum

État Libre d’Orange is a brand that isn’t lacking inventiveness, especially when it comes to finding original names for their perfumes… According to the perfume brand an overweight electrician smells of vetiver, white amber and sugar…

9/ Vulva original

We’ll spare you the commercial for this one. In fact the inventors don’t see it as a perfume but rather “bottled vagina essence”…Eau de toilette takes on a new meaning entirely!

8/ Eau de MacBook Pro

Geekish fans of Apple products will be all over this one… It is no longer enough to buy an Apple product, appreciate its sleek design and brag about its performance. Nowadays you need to smell of Macbooks too!

7/ Illegal perfume…

Perhaps you just like the smell of cannabis but don’t fancy smoking it. Lots of people love its strong smell. The only snag is this drug is illegal in many countries. So it is perhaps inadvisable to get carried away with this perfume everywhere you go!

6/ Smell of money!

A capitalist perfume that has gone a little too far! Nevertheless it can’t boast about being the most expensive perfume on the market to attract rich customers always looking for more…

5/ Play-Dough

This perfume is for those nostalgic for their childhood when their only worries were how to tie a shoelace and make the prettiest drawing. A perfume that sends you back in time. Its strong smell of Play-Dough will transport you to play-times at school.