Unusual Apps: 11 strange applications to simplify your life

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7/ Fake An Excuse, an app that allow you to hang up on someone without feeling guilty!

Are you wanting to cut short the story your mother-in-law is recounting to you? Well you can try the unusual features of the Fake An Excuse app. This slightly dishonest app that will let you hang up on someone without feeling embarrassed! Emitting noises of hammers, smoke detector alarms or door bells, this helpful app will let you escape the woes of your talkative aunt!

Fake An Excuse, a free application available on Android and iOS.

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8/ Cry Translator, crying translator for parents

Young parents know how difficult it is to understand the cries of their child.  With the cry translator you no longer need to worry as the app can interpret your crying child!  Whether your child is hungry, tired or lacking sleep this app will be able to tell you. Useful concept, but how do they know…

Cry Translator, paying app, available on iOS.

9/ RunPee, app that helps you to go to the toilet without missing the best scenes

Do you always need to go to the toilet in the middle of a film?  You often try and hold yourself in so that you don’t miss any of the best scenes but end up either dashing out of your seat at the end like a madman or missing the best scene anyway.  RunPee is an app that can come to your aide.  This strange app for cinemaholics lets you know the best moments to go to the toilet without missing the best scenes!

RunPee paying app, available on iOS and Android.

10/ Hudway, is a  GPS system that means you can look straight ahead

If the shape of your dashboard allows you, the Hudway app means you can get your GPS directions in reverse image, directly projected on the windshield of your car. Especially effective in night vision!

Hudway, application payante (1,79 euro en mode pro), disponible sous iOS et Android.

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