Unlikely laws: 27 things that you can’t do in the USA

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Are you planning on flying to the USA this year?  You should watch out for some unusual state laws depending on where you are visiting.  You could easily beak an old law without even realising it. In many states there are some very unlikely laws that are hard to believe!

There is no country like the USA when it comes to making laws. Of course, laws need to be created as if you were allowed to do everything the country would be too lax.  However we doubt that playing dominoes on Sunday or wearing a false mustache in the church are really that subversive acts … Here are 27 unbelievable laws in the land of Uncle Sam! 

1/ Alabama

Wearing a moustache in a church or playing dominoes on a Sunday are two things you can’t do in Alabama…. These seem like rather strange and unnecessary rules….

interdictions invraisemblables moustache

2/ Alaska

Waking up a bear to photograph it or even whispering in the ear of someone who is in the process of hunting one.

3/ Arizona

Cutting down a cactus..

4/ Arkansas

Miss pronouncing the state of “Arkansas”.

5/ California

Eating an orange if we take a bath and shooting from your car (Unless it is a whale.)

interdictions invraisemblables orange

6/ North Carolina

Sneezing in the streets of Ashville.

7/ South Carolina

Singing out of tune in public.

8/ Colorado

Going out in the streets of Durango dressed in way that it is difficult to distinguish your sex.  In Logan County you are forbidden to kiss a sleeping women.

9/ Connecticut

Dressing up a dog, kissing a woman on a Sunday in Hartford and throwing away used razor blades.

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