Uber drivers: 18 unusual photos that will make you want to take an Uber

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If you have never taken an Uber in your life then this list will no doubt make you want to try it out! Here are some funny, even unbelievable photos, taken inside Uber rides.

Unless you have been hibernating for the last eight years, you couldn’t have missed the Uber phenomenon. The company which originates in California allows you to contact private or professional drivers using a specific mobile app. Depending on the diver that you come across your ride could be polite, disagreeable (we hope not) or very friendly. These Uber drivers featured in the list below are certainly not ordinary. Quite the opposite. Read on and see for yourself!

1/ A driver with a conscience and a heart

You don’t meet drivers like this every day!

2/ An Uber for geeks

Video game fanatics will be delighted with a free game’s console to play. You’ll want to make your journey longer…

3/ Vegetation in the doors

This amazing Uber fills it’s side doors with greenery and oxygen!

4/ All you can eat snacks

Everything to satisfy a customers hunger.

5/ A driver that gets involved

For Halloween Uber drivers are ready for everything so they can get a positive review… or they are naturally nice and love the fun!

6/ A Saint-Patrick’s day Uber special

With St. Patrick’s day approaching, this Uber driver pulled out all the stops to redecorate his vehicle for the occasion. There are even green cupcakes to be offered out! Some people go to a lot of effort!