Top 10 jobs that make you happier

Jobs that open the door to happiness

According to a study by the University of Chicago, there are jobs that make you happy. The following is a non-exhaustive list. So, if you ever contemplate changing jobs, seriously consider one of these professions. You’ll find happiness! .

1/ Priest

A very astonishing top of the leader board yet men of the Church are said to be entirely satisfied with their engagement. A reflection is nevertheless necessary before you launch body and soul in the service of the Lord.

2/ Fireman

More than half of firefighters around the world are fully satisfied with their work. A dangerous but noble cause.

3/ Physiotherapist

To help others find their bodies in their full functionality, a vocation among the physiotherapists.

4/ Writer

The authors of all types of books would, despite their meager salary, be entirely satisfied with their choice of life.

5/ Teacher

Whatever one may say, teachers are often in the profession by vocation since they were young. We also speak here of specialized teachers, who teach a discipline that they particularly like.