Top 10 comments you never want to hear after a break-up!


6/ “Come on, I’ll introduce you to the guy/girl next door”

How do you let them know without getting even madder..  I don’t want to meet anyone new just now and especially not the guy/girl next door!

7/ “Would you mind if I had a go?”

Here you go, only three days after your break up your supposedly best friend is now fancying their luck… Cocky!

8/ “I don’t understand.  You were made for each other”

How is this sort of comment going to help matters?!

9/ “It doesn’t surprise me as you didn’t seem happy”

And it is only now that you decided to say something?!

10/ “Are you sure you don’t want to get back together with her/him?”

If it doesn’t work once why try a second time?  Friends that make you get back together again haven’t really understood… The second break-up will only be more painful!  This is why it is bad advice, that is not meant to be taken literally!

après une rupture
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What are your least favourite comments to hear after a break up?

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