Top 10 comments you never want to hear after a break-up!


It is difficult to get over a break-up.  Nothing is more annoying than your best friend telling you, albeit with their best interests at heart, “There are many more fish in the sea“.  We often hear cliche phrases like this when it’s better saying nothing at all.

It is not easy to console a person with a broken heart after a break up.  However sometimes silence is golden.  Here are 10 comments to avoid saying to someone directly after a break up, if you want to avoid seeing them fly off the handle without any apparent reason. Love can drive us round the bend. In the end, the best way to comfort your friend is to just be by their side.

1/ “There are plenty more fish in the sea”

This may be the case but I don’t to know about the other fish right now!

2/ “Don’t worry they’ll come round, you’ll see”

There is absolutely no use in giving someone false hope in a situation where there isn’t any… They need to be able to face reality in order to overcome their pain and move on.

3/ “Come on, pull yourself together.  There are worse things in life”

Of course there is the famine in Africa, the glacier melts in the North Pole, wars in Afghanistan and incurable diseases.  However who thinks that this sort of comment will make a broken-hearted lover feel any better after a break-up!

4/ “I’m a sure you will find someone else”

Completely off topic.

5/ “In any case, I never really liked him”

Better late than never…

après une rupture