The 10 most polluted fish in the world

Credit: Encelade Media Group Photos: Wikipedia/Pixabay

6/ Tuna

As well as being a victim of over fishing, tuna could contain neurtoxins like PCB.  A reputed French health body has also stated that tuna from the Mediterranean apparently contains mercury.  If you are pregnant you should stay clear of this fish.  Once these elements have been absorbed they can alter the good development of a fetus.

7/ Eel

Eel, just like bream, pike and catfish, are common river fish which can accumulate toxins in their flesh like PCB.  There isn’t less risk of eating polluted fish if you choose freshwater fish!

8/ Salmon

Necessary operation needed for salmon farming can have harmful impacts on the environment, but also on our health.  This type of fish is particularly vulnerable to infectious haematopoietic necrosis (IHN).  Salmon can also contain PCB, especially if it had been fished in pollution affected areas.

9/ Halibut

Atlantic halibut are already being over fished and are consider to be a species threatened by extinction so you shouldn’t eat this fish unnecessarily.

10/ Bass

Fish farmed sea bass are fed with antibiotics, steroids and pesticides.  However wild sea bass fished by sea trawlers is a fish that is threatened with extinction.  What is more fishing sea bass can also lead to many dolphins that are killed in there fishing nets.

Most polluted fish
Credit: Encelade Media Group

Sources:  La Croix/Frédérique Schneider journal.
Information and figures: Lundi Carotte Newsletter, ANSES, PNNS.

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