Surprising Cats: 15 times they couldn’t care less but we lap it up

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Cats can surprise us every day. Unlike loveable, good natured puppies, cats have the reputation of being untamable, unpredictable, easily offended, skeptic and impulsive! However isn’t this why we love them? Here are 15 surprising cats that will make you fall about laughing!

It is hard to get bored of your cat when you have one. We love our cats because of their mysterious attitudes, their hilarious fits of rage and their warm purring. However sometimes it is easy to think they couldn’t care less about you… Here are 15 surprising cats which could wind you up something rotten but are also completely adorable!

1/ A personal bathtub

A cat that looks forward to it’s daily bath is a rather unusual specimen!

2/ A fluid cat

Cats are like a fluid substance. The proof is in the picture!

3/ Don’t breath

The older cat takes control and covers the mouth of the younger so no one will spot them. It could be a scene out of a science-fiction film!

4/ A cat who couldn’t give a monkey

“Why shouldn’t I have a place in the metro like everyone else?” No one would like to argue with this cat!

5/ Pretty as a picture

The cat and the cuddly toys all have the same matching heart motif on their back!