Summer jobs: 10 of the best seasonal jobs for students

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6/  Beach patrol / Lifeguard

Working at the beach is probably one of the best summer jobs.  However it can be hard work.  If you are wanting to be a lifeguard remember that you need to pass certain tests. Once you have the diploma however this is a great summer job that is well paid.    If you are working for one of the sellers at the beach you might have to set up deck chairs and generally make sure that they beach is clean and tidy.  A good job if you are looking to get nice and tanned!

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7/ Dishwasher

Like waitresses, kitchen staff and often high in demand during the summer season as restaurants see a greater influx of customers.  Of course dish-washing is not the most glamorous out there but it is a good student job if you are looking for some extra cash.

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8/ Fruit picker

Would you ever have thought about fruit picking as a summer job?  This is a great job for students looking to earn some extra cash, work outdoors and be in a good physical condition.  You want be employed for the whole summer but a couple of weeks is more that enough as it is physically demanding.  Look into berry farms near to your town to find out if they are hiring!

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9/ Gardener

Another good summer job is to set yourself up as a handyman/ gardener.  If you like being outdoors and are good with tools and a lawnmower you could pick up work yourself. Everyone is looking for someone to cut their unruly hedge or keep their lawn in check.  Why not spread the word as it could be you!

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10/ Factory worker

If the nine other ideas in this list don’t work why not look for factory jobs.  The jobs themselves might be fairly repetitive but it is a good solution if you are looking for practical part time job.

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If you are looking for more creative ideas why not set up walking tours of your local town or get in touch with local festivals. If you are musical you could do some busking in the street that could appeal to tourists.  You could also contact your local tourist information centre as they many need people to work at the reception.  Hotels may also be looking for receptionists, cleaners or breakfast servers.

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