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“Suffer for fashion”: 8 painful beauty trends throughout history

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5/ Arsenic diet, Europe

Arsenic is a terrible poison.  However did you know that its was also used as a beauty tip in the Renaissance period?  During this period it was fashionable to have a clear forehead.  Women removed hairs from their face using orpiment made from yellow arsenic.  In the 19th century arsenic was taken in capsules which promised women “a fresh complexion, bright eyes and a sexy plumpness.”  Unfortunately whether it is taken in capsules or not arsenic still is a poison. Women who took this beauty remedy suffered from diarrhea, sickness, muscle cramps, stomach pains, convulsions and hair loss.  Suffering to be beautiful… No thanks!

 arsenic poison beauté femmes
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6/ Lard Wigs

In the eighteenth century, fashion included corsets, big skirts, white faces and an oversize hairpiece. Women often wiped their wigs with lard, a white substance made from pork fat, so that their hats could stay in place. However this only attracted lice and rats, and women were forced to lock their hairpieces in cages… Personal hygiene doesn’t sound as good as it is today in those days…

saindoux beurre beauté perruque
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7/ Fault detector, USA

In 1932, Maksymilian Faktorowicz invented the Beauty Micrometer, an instrument which was supposed to spot feminine physical defects and camouflage them with make-up. This invention was not only a object of psychological torture as it made you aware of all your imperfections. It turned out to be an instrument of torture in the true sense of the word.

beauté visage souffrir pour être belle

8/ Fat feet operations, USA

Fat feet surgery involved injecting fat into the heel or shortening your feet by removing a toe so you would be more comfortable in stiletto heels… This fashion trend arrived in the USA when everyone wanted to be wearing luxury stiletto heels!  These operations are not only unnatural and very painful but they also had some severe side affects.  It often caused infections and the need to have further operations! Best to keep your flat feet if that is the price you have to pay for “comfort” in heels!

talons hauts escarpins beauté

Do you think you’d like to suffer to be “beautiful”?  What do you think? 

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