Smokers, how annoying! 14 things you’ve wanted to tell them but never dared

Do smokers make your life difficult in café terraces? It’s easy to understand your frustration when you’re surrounded by clouds of smoke while you’ve got a delicious tiramsus in front of you ready to eat…

Non-smokers have a hard time. Although they could rebel.  Smokers are not the majority.  Have the courage to hold up the mirror to smokers and tell them what you really think!  Smokers if only you knew what you were doing to your heart! 

1/ You are weak

You are pushed around by a plastic paper box pumping money to industrialists who don’t care one bit about your health! Smokers are weak, it’s a fact.

2/ You breath smoke all over us

It’s important to say it.  Nothing is worse than when you start to eat your fresh salad and inhale clouds of harmful smoke coming your way. Yet no one dares to kick up a fuss!

3/ You are not the norm, not even the majority

Times are changing.  Cigarettes no longer win all the votes so why live with it, it’s time to protest against it!

4/ You contribute to climate change and to the extinction of animals

No matter where you throw away your cigarette butts, tobacco does not magically disappear! Tobacco production impacts deforestation and uses pesticides.  Quit smoking and you can preserve the wildlife and plants around you.

5/ If you were a non-smoker you wouldn’t like it

You have always wondered if a smoker could put up with eating their lunch in a cloud of cigarette smoke. Of course not, who can?

6/ You are making people rich who don’t care about your health

One excellent reason to quit.

7/ With the money that you throw down the drain you could have been a home owner twice over

A pack of cigarettes gets more expensive every year,  it’s something you can’t fail to notice!

Credits : Pexels