Smartphones and society: 15 designs that illustrate our obsession with mobile phones

Smartphones seem to be continually on the rise. Nowadays, they are as much part of our everyday life as chairs, books and couches. However, their central part in our society doesn’t actually date back that far. Barely 20 years ago, people who had a wireless phone were considered ahead of the times. So smartphones: take them or leave them?

The smartphone era is nowhere near slowing down. Contray to CDs, which gave way to MP3s, or DVDs that morphed into Netflix subscriptions, mobile phones are continually evolving. And they appear to maintain more or less the same format. Although technology has made incredible advances in several domains, it doesn’t come without its excesses. And our society nowadays has an obsession with our smartphones in a way that is more than bordering on unhealthy. Here are a few designs illustrating exactly that…

1/ A telephone prosthesis

It seems only a matter of time.

2/ A smart pillow

Which only has to recharge its battery at night.

3/ Dive in

At your own risk, of course.

4/ Surgically installed apps

You could be led to believe that your phone even has a beating heart.

5/ Chained to our phones

Our smartphones can often get us out of a sticky situation. However, often, they make us no more than a slave to them.g