Sleepy cats: 20 pictures of cats with unusual sleeping positions

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8/ Leg in the air

This one is quite an exceptional sleeping position. Paws behind it’s head and a leg in the air, this cat looks like it has no cares in the world!

9/ Reassuring touch

A sleeping position that melts your heart! Whoever said that cats only look out for themselves?

10/ Upside down

Sleeping cats can take on a whole new dimension…

11/ Comfortable potted plants

This kitty has a thing for potted plants. Why bother with a sleeping basket when they make do with what they’ve got?

12/ Sleeping upright

This immaculate cat doesn’t look like it want to miss a wink… cat napping is a real mystery!

13/ High security sleeping

You have to look out for safety even when you sleep!

14/ True eco bed

The agility of cats is always surprising. Especially when you see your suspended plant basket swinging before your eyes with a furry ball fast asleep in the centre. No object is inaccessible…