Rodent traps: 6 tips to get rid of mice without hurting them

Getting rid of mice and other rodents is not easy to do.  Often we have to use a spring trap which imprisons the poor creature in an infernal spiral of pain.  However a kinder approach can still get rid of pesky rodents!

Mice traps are designed to trap rodents by using a metalic bar attached to a spring which brutally snaps shut trapping the animal.  A real instrument of torture for the poor rodent that finds itself knocked out, strangled or hurt by the shutter that slowly kills it.  Why make the creature suffer in your own home?  There are a thousand and one techniques you could try to get rid of rodents which are kinder and less brutal.

1/ Toilet roll technique

A “Zero Waste” technique on a shoestring budget which will hardly ever let you down!  What’s more you don’t have to be there to watch as it falls.  In fact you should not hang around too long if you don’t want to be there…  Place a finished toilet roll on the edge of the table and place a tasty treat on the outside of the roll nearest the edge.  Place a large bin which has high walls so the mouse can’t get out under your toilet roll trap.  With the weight of the mouse, the toilet roll will tip and fall into the bin along with your pesky rodent.  All you have to do now is release it back into nature far, far away from your house!


2/ Peppermint essential oil spray

Peppermint essential oil is strong enough to mask food smells and scare away rodents (but also spiders).  Spray it at entrances, next to your bin and other likely place where mice access your house. Ideally, pour a few drops on to cotton fabric for a better results and place the infused cotton around your house. A great natural repellent that will not put your lung health at risk! As an extra bonus your house will be filled with a pleasant smell all day long.   If necessary repeat this process each week.

Credits : Pexels

3/ Adopt a cat

Tomcats are known for being legendary hunters and could be a great way to help you get rid of rodents from your house. Then again perhaps your cat is a fat lump which prefers lounging in the sun to night-time hunting… If this is the case you may struggle to get rid of your mice problem although you never know!

Credits : Pixnio

4/ Bowl and treat technique

Place a piece of cheese on the floor and cover with a salad bowl making sure the cheese touches the edge of the bowl. Lift the bowl slightly so that there is only a small opening for the mouse to enter. To do this, balance the edge of the bowl on the skirting board or the edge of the wall. The rodent will go under the bowl and move it when it reaches the piece of cheese, trapping itself inside the bowl. Remove the mouse and release back into nature.

Credits : Pexels

5/ Try an ultrasound kit

Some shops now sell ultrasound kits which help scare away mice.  You won’t lose anything by trying.

6/ Discourage mice from coming into your home

Mice and other rodents are not looking for shelter when then come into your home.  Instead they are looking for food. Don’t tempt them!  Clean your house before you go away on holiday, and leave no food lying around at night or when you leave for work. Store your food in airtight jars with a rubber seal. This is good excuse to start using less unwanted packaging and try out a “zero waste” lifestyle!

Credits : Pexels

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