Video games: 10 forgotten retro consoles

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6/ Colecovision, came out in 1982 in the USA

At the time this game console was worth the tidy sum of 399 US dollars.  This second generation console was produced by Connecticut Leather Company. The graphics and game pad closely resembled arcade games from the 1980 s. It had around 400 video game titles which came out in cartridges throughout its commercialization.

console de jeux vidéo Colecovision
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7/ Atari 5200, came out in 1982 in the USA

This second generation home game console was produced to compete against consoles produced by Intellivision and ColecoVision at the same time.  These were the most popular video games at the time and in particular, much cheaper.  Atari 5200 which never appeared on the French market, showed its innovative design with four gamepad ports and an organising shelf.  However the console suffered a resounding failure in the video game market.

Atari console de jeux vidéo
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8/ NeoGeo Advanced Entertainment System, came out in 1991 in Japan,  considered to be the Roles Royce of video games!

The Neo-Geo console is identical to the Neo-Geo MVS arcade system. Its 2D game library focused more on a good stock of high quality combat games. As it was an expensive console, the general public saw this console as a luxury item.

 jeux vidéo
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9/  Panasonic’s 3DO Interactive Multiplayer, came out in 1993 in the USA

This modern looking game console was developed by The 3DO Company which was an American Video Game company and third party video game developer.  Using cutting edge technology for the time it set the standard of using 3D images in video games.   The console had a maximum resolution of 320×240 in 16 million colours and managed to create some 3D effects.  It had only one joystick port but it was possible to connect 8 others in a sort of cascading effect.  Due to the modernity of this game console, it cost a whopping 700 US dollars!

10/ Jaguar, came out in 1993 in the USA

Despite its advanced sounding name the Jaguar video game console didn’t last long on the market.  The game console had a relatively limited game library which could explain its market failure.  It was also the last cartridge console commercialised by Atari.

console de jeux vidéo jaguar
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