Rare celebrity photos: 15 shots you’ve never seen before

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Photos that show celebrities in their natural setting are hard to come by. However some rare shots manage to capture another side of their celebrity lifestyle. Whether for better or for worse, these shots shows that we are all the same.

There are mountains of photos of celebrities. Many (often photoshopped) appear on the cover of glossy magazines after long photo shoots which capture their best angle in beautiful clothing. However there are also some rare photos that are often ignored. Here are 15 shots that show the human side of celebrity life that you’ll never have seen before.

1/ Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney drying dishes, 1982

Doing the dishes can bring people together… Who knew that famous singers were sticklers for cleanliness?

2/ Freddie Mercury and Darth Vader, 1980

This photo captures the moment when Freddie Mercury gets on Darth Vader’s shoulders during one of his concerts. This show would have been epic!

3/ Lady Diana and John Travolta, 1985

Princess Diana spins in the arms of John Travolta who is used to energetic dance moves! This encounter happened during a state dinner organised by President Reagan at the White House.

4/ Nicole Kidman leaving court

This shot captures the Australian actress as she leaves court after her divorce from Tom Cruise. By the look of her expression it is a great relief. You have your freedom now Nicole!

5/ Amy Winehouse as a teenager in Paris, 1990

A young Amy is hard to recognise under the Eiffel Tour. RIP Amy.

6/ James Dean and his cat, 1954

The American actor loved cats and they loved him. This sweet photo was taken just a couple of months before the young man died in a car accident.