Rainy Sundays: 10 great activities to do at home to cheer you up


6/ Rearrange your apartment and get rid of any clutter

A big spring clean takes time!  You need to organise your room, your kitchen and the living room.  However you can take the time to rearrange your apartment so that you have the optimum amount of space getting rid of any items of furniture or decorations that you don’t need.  You can put them aside so that you can give them to charity and do a good deed at the same time.  Minimalist decorations will be a great pick-me-up and will give you a fresh head.

rainy Sundays organisation
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7/ Start writing a book, poem, children’s book, letter or your journal

Writing is an excellent form of release even if it is not the works of William Shakespeare.  You can have fun writing down your thoughts or memories, a poem, a children’s book.  You might surprise yourself!

8/ Learn a foreign language

There are loads of great ways to get started.  There are apps, television series, games, books or DVDs.  Get out of your comfort zone and try and learn a new language!

9/ Do some fun experiments

Do you like science and surprising experiments?  You can improvise as a chemist for the day and preform in front of your family!  There are lots of simple ideas that you can do at home with your children.

10/ Mend your worn clothing

If you have struggled to find the time to sew on that buttom, or mend that hem which has come un-stitched or to clean those marks from your striped shirt then now is the time! Make the most of a rainy Sunday to get your wardrobe back in shape.  Feeling organised and knowing you have done a good job will help you to leap out of bed on Monday morning!

rainy Sundays sewing
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