Rainy Sundays: 10 great activities to do at home to cheer you up


Do you hate rainy Sundays? Don’t worry these gloomy days can be brightened up by doing some fun activities on your own, as a couple or with the whole family!  After you’ve tried some of these ideas you’ll be delighted to see grey skies when you draw back the curtains!

Is Sunday the day of the week you like the least as you are sad to see the end of the weekend and the start of a new week looming your way?  However with some fun indoor activities you’ll now be looking forward to a rainy Sunday!  Here are a list of creative ideas that you can do on a gloomy day to brighten up your mood.  You can find more activities on the site Funbooker and once you get started you’ll realise there are loads of fun activities you can do indoors!

1/ Learn how to do dance using an online video

If you were hoping to run your usual 10 km only to be hampered by the prospect of a downpour, this idea is for you!  Did you know you can do sports indoors?  Get your favourite songs on and start dancing!  You can even follow a online course on your smartphone that links up to your speakers and chose a dance that interests you!

rainy Sundays dancing
YourTube Video:”How to TAP DANCE – Beginner Tutorial”, Just TAP

2/ Create a bank of presents by making them yourself

Rainy Sundays are a great excuse to start creating your own bank of homemade presents that you can pull out whenever the occasion arises.  You can make cosmetic products, jewellery, pottery items, natural perfumes, bees wax candles or a crochet hat!  The list is endless.  Taking time to do something shows you care not money!

3/ Try out a new baking recipe

What better day is there than Sunday to try out new culinary specialties?  When it is pouring with rain there is nothing better to do!  Pull out your pinny and try out a new recipe.  You’ll be delighted that you can give your friends and family some sweet treats made by you.  If you are not very good in the kitchen you can always follow an online course.

Rainy sundays baking
Credits : Pexels

4/ Visit a museum…but from your own home

An increasing number of museums are offering the possibility of looking at their works of art or roaming around their exposition rooms from the comfort of your own home.   The Louvre in Paris offers this but there are many other galleries around the world that do it too. Sundays are often a day for a cultural activity.

5/ Create a feel good playlist to help you get through Monday

You can be prepared for your difficult Monday morning by creating a energetic playlist with songs that make you feel good.  You now will look forward to waking up on Monday morning!

Rainy Sundays music activities
Credits : Pexels