Quiz: Do you recognise these celebrities as children or teenagers?

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

19/ This girl looks familar

Which Spanish speaking model actress is hidden behind this cute little face with pigtails?

20/ A rapper before his day

This kind, sweet faced boy doesn’t look like the bad boy rapper we know today.

21/ A future actor

But who is this famous bushy haired bloke? It’s certainly not who you think it is!

22/ Budding young model

Don’t you feel you recognise this face..

23/ Adolescent version

We all made fashion faux pas as teenagers… Child stars are just like us at the end of the day!

24/ Cutie pie

How times have changed!

25/ A familiar looking teenager…

Looks completely unchanged… or at least almost!


1/ Theresa May

2/ Justin Beiber

3/ Kristen Stewart

4/ Michael Jackson

5/ Jude Law

6/ Hilary Duff

7/ Angelina Jolie

8/ Emmanuel Macron

9/ Katie Holmes

10/ Frank Sinatra

11/ Justin Timberlake

12/ Bruce Willis

13/ Cindy Crawford

14/ Kate Hudson

15/ Tom Cruise

16/ Paris Hilton

17/ Scarlett Johansson

18/ Beyoncé

19/ Pénélope Cruz

20/ Eminem

21/ George Clooney

22/ Pamela Anderson

23/ Justin Timberlake

24/ Sarah Jessica Parker

25/ Brad Pitt

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