Quiz: Do you recognise these celebrities as children or teenagers?

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

10/ A cheeky glint

Still has the same communicative smile

11/ Mini-cow boy

Who is this little cowboy ?

12/ Cheeky chappy look

Top of the class… or is it the look he’s trying to pull off?

13/ Top model

Natural, unaltered beauty! But who is this gem

14/ Difficult to say…

Almost unrecognizable apart from her protruding ears.

15/ Impossible to miss

This secret agent is instantly recognizable even as a kid!

16/ Think of a romantic French city….

Although her name has connotations of romance and glamour this socialite is known for The Simple Life…

17/ An actress in the making

This young girl is a budding star!

18/ A diva before her time

With her cute, confident smile, do you recognise the future diva pop queen?