Restful sleep: Discover 10 purifying and calming house plants


6/ Areca

Areca can purify the air of toxins and carbon dioxide.  What is more it can increase the humidity inside a room which is particularly useful in winter when we use the heating and the air inside is much drier.

palmier plantes vertes
Credit: Public Domain Pictures

7/ Aloe vera

As well as its therapeutic properties, Aloe vera can reduce levels of formaldehyde and other harmful substances.  At night, Aloe vera plants release oxygen which is not usually the case with other plants.  What is more phytocides which are found in the plant for a positive effect on the body.

aloe vera plantes vertes
Credit: Pixabay

8/ Ficus (Benjamina)

Ficus are the best indoor plant at purifying air.  It can eliminate 70% of benzene, ammonia, toluene and other harmful contaminants from synthetic surfaces, like linoleum or chipboard.  Ficus plant also favour a better quality of sleep so you can have at least one (or a few) ficus plants in your room no problem at all!

ficus benjamina
Credit: Pixabay

9/ Mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Sansevieria trifasciata is an excellent plant for your breathing and immune system.  If you welcome this plant into your room, you can limit sore heads that are related to changing temperatures.  At night the plant produces oxygen and conserves an agreeable freshness in a room.

sansevieria langue de belle mère plantes vertes
Credit: Wikipedia

10/ Boston fern

The qualities of this green plant are predominantly due to its chemical composition.  A Boston fern is rich in essential oils, flavonoids and other substances.  What is more, the plant has a possitive effect n the nervous system and helps to manage stress.  Could you ask for more?

fougère de Boston plantes vertes
Credit: Flickr

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