Public menaces: you won’t believe the stupidity of these unsafe drivers

Have you ever encountered one or more complete public menaces on the road? We wouldn’t wish it on anyone! After all, driving is a matter of public health and safety….

Public menaces seem to becoming more and more numerous, or at least that’s what the images on this list seem to suggest. Straightening hair on the motorway, reading a book or eating pizza with a fork – the antics get funnier and funnier as you scroll down. However, laugh as you may, it could be best to give these drivers a wide berth, as they put the lives of other road users in danger.

1/ Driving in the snow

Quite literally, in it. Does this person really think they can see out?

2/ Straightening her hair on the motorway

A hair straighteners in one hand, the steering wheel in the other – one of the most unusual public menaces you are likely to come accross! (Click on the GIF icon on the bottom left)

3/ Eating pizza at the wheel WHILE being on the phone

With a plate and cutlery, no less!

4/ Ambition

When you don’t have a boot, you have to find another way around it….

5/ Shaving at the wheel

A funny way to save time…

6/ R2D2 on a scooter

Interesting approach to a helmet.

7/ Policeman texting and driving

Setting a good example!