Professional fails: 20 people who clearly got their degrees from a lucky dip!

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Nobody is safe: firefighters, doctors, accountants and builders alike. Because qualifications are one thing, but practicing in your profession is quite another. Professional fails appear more frequent than we would have thought…..

In any given field, there are some who are outstanding, and others….. less so! You have competent and less competent architects, you have great doctors and you have those who seem to have gotten their degrees by winning a raffle. So yes, you guessed it, today’s list points the finger at the less talented of the bunch! And not without hilarious consequences…. Here are 20 people who are clearly in the wrong job. So are they complete fails, or just people having a bad day?

1/ The worst card company in the world

A greetings card that should reassure the recipient….

2/ The worst journalist in the world

Editing is a basic skill that no journalist can escape! This title is surely the height of negligence!

3/ The worst architect in the world

On the face of an architectural college, what’s more!

4/ The worst electrician in the world

Or how to patch up an electricity pole. Watch out – danger!

5/ The worst gardener in the world

Just a little short cut….

6/ The worst urban planner in the world

A strategically placed public bench…. A five year old could have planned this out better!

7/ The worst cake decorator in the world

The client wanted a photo printed on the cake, which was saved to a USB stick. However, what he got….