Primary teachers: 10 things you can’t help doing even after the bell rings


Everyone can be guilty of taking their work life home with them but for primary teachers it can be even more difficult to disconnect.  Here are a few habits that teachers can’t help but adopting even in their personal life.   Do you agree?

Primary teachers can find it difficult to disconnect from their professional life once the school bell rings.  They can feel the urge to button up jackets, start singing nursery rhymes and begin to feel paranoid about catching lice from their pupils, so much so they start becoming hypochondriac.  These ingrained habits which teachers can’t drop are hilarious, if not  annoying, for their family and friends.  Have a look and see what you think for yourselves…

1/ Keep thinking you have caught lice from a pupil as you have a scratchy scalp

Every school teacher knows that if they have long hair they are at the mercy of horrible lice unless they tie their hair into a high bun.  But once you are home you can’t help but thinking of all those horrible beasties especially when you start scratching your scalp.  More often that not, there are no lice in your hair.  However it is always better to prevent than cure a problem with lice as you don’t fancy repeating your lice infestation from last year !

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Video screenshot: YouTube/Lama Fauché

2/ Keep humming the last nursery rhyme or song you did in class without realising then have it in your head the entire night or even the whole week.

You’ve been looking at farm yard animals in your class and have used the classic nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald, had a farm” to have some fun in your class.  However ever since you sung the song in class you can’t seem to get it out of your head.  You probably have been humming it in the shower, while cooking your dinner, even before you go to bed a night!  Remember you can choose what songs to teach your class…

3/ Can’t help tying up the buttons of your friends and families coats

This is a bad one.  Even if you have the urge to tie up someones coat or redo a coat that has been not zipped up properly it is probably best to leave your friends to fend for themselves.  Regardless it can be difficult to not act on your classroom instincts!

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4/ Are always blocked up or coming down with something

This is what you get when you teach little snotty nosed kids all day long! At least you’ll start building up a good immune system…

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Video screenshot: NORMAN FAIT DES VIDÉOS/YouTube

5/ Your flat becomes home to a mountain of wonders which look like a complete mess to any visitors.

Piles of glass yogurt pots, empty egg boxes and Camembert trays filling your selves might seen like cluttered waste to guests, however for you, the under appreciated artist, these are teaching treasures!  However these mountains of recycled wonders stacked up in your apartment might be why you never invite people around…

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YouTube Screenshot :”DIY- L’horloge boîte à fromage”, La Demoiselle de Papier