Plane travel: 18 travelers that aren’t embarrassed to annoy others

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7/ Private locker

Did this little fashionista think she was travelling in a private jet or something?


8/ When you gotta go, you gotta go…

This unembarrassed mother has perhaps forgotten that toilets exist on planes! Despite the cries of horror from flight crew and passengers there is nothing stopping this little one when in full flow!


9/ Going topless

One man decides to go “taps aff” to cool down despite it being a tight squeeze!


10/ Improvised bin (or lack of)

This traveler didn’t think it might be a good idea to keep all their rubbish with them. No instead they just threw it into the aisle. The rule that the “customer always knows best” clearly isn’t for everyone!


11/ Heating up your pizza with an LED light

Instead of asking the flight crew on board to heat up the slice in the microwave, (they are normally equipped with one to heat up food) this traveler thinks they can do it with an LED light. Looks like they might be there for a while!


12/ Desperate urge

No this is not apple juice… the poor flight crew!