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They had one job -one job!! 20 people who still got it wrong

There are some mistakes that are just unforgivable! Like getting the wrong side up when you put together a chair or a table, forgetting to paint one step of the stairs, or dropping your keys into wet cement. But when it’s something we are working on in the privacy of our own homes, it is only ourselves that will pay the price. However, when it’s a matter of public works, government funded facilities or other urban installations, it seems obvious that you need someone who is up to the job! But however…

1/ Fire the proof reader

With only four little letters, they still found a way to get it wrong. They even had a sign above to copy from!

2/ A drawer that won’t open

The least little thing we can ask of a few kitchen drawers is that they could open at the same time… It appears that this is too much for some people to grasp.

3/ Forgotten spot

Ah, we’ll do that part later…

4/ Missing part of the jigsaw

Anyone see a problem here?

5/ Jesus was here

And transformed the water into wine, fair play to him.

6/ Editing fail

This journalist seems a little too chilled…

7/ Geographical error

Asia, Africa -they’re not so far away, right?