Movie themed bedrooms: 15 incredible interior designs sure to be a hit with cinema lovers

Your bedroom can be a universe all of its own. Depending on your own interests and passions, it is generally quite easy to decorate. Here are 15 incredible movie themed bedrooms that are sure to be a hit with cinema lovers!

While your bedroom was probably covered in celebrity posters during your teenage years, over time it is likely to have transformed into your own personal Buddhist sanctuary. A person’s bedroom often reflects their personality. A highly intimate area, only very few people have the privilege of learning all its secrets. Here are a few incredible bedrooms, whose owners have no desire to hide them away from the world! It’s true that after all that time and effort, they are bound to want to show them off….

1/ Star Wars

Does counting sheep not work for you? Instead, count the stars on the galactic ceiling of this bedroom, inspired by the classic stellar saga!

2/ James Bond

This bedroom, as kitsch as it is classy, could only relate to Ian Fleming‘s famous films. It’s not only 007 that can enjoy such sleeping quarters.

3/ Indiana Jones

A bedroom with a hint of adventure, mixing leather, vintage travel chests and exotic wood. To help you dream of faraway lands!

4/ Lord of the Rings

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in a Hobbit hole? Copy this style the next time you are redecorating!

5/ The Little Mermaid

Your little girl will feel like a real live mermaid when she is sleeping in her shell..