Most dangerous animals: Stay well clear of these ten animals!

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6/ Honey badger

This little carnivore is considered to be one of the most ferocious animals in the world.  It attacks anything that moves from cats, crocodiles to humans… nothing scares this fearless creature.   Its solid, sharp claws mean that it can dig holes in the ground but it can also cut the flesh of the prey it wants to eat.  Snake venom doesn’t affect it and its thick skin means that it is almost untouched by any bites or scratches.  It’s like this little creature is invincible!  The badger’s main hunting technique involves removing the genitalia of its victims and then waiting until their body is emptied of blood.  It’s easy to understand why this animal is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world.

most dangerous animals
Credits: travail personnel de Matěj Baťha/Wikimedia Commons

7/ Cone snails

Exotic snails can be found in the Tropics like the cone snail.  This snail is a pretty saltwater gastropod with a white streaked shell.  The snail’s shell is shaped like a cone hence its name.  The snail hunts by using a type of harpoon tooth which secretes a deadly neurotoxin which paralyses the nervous system.  If you see one of these snails on the beach, you shouldn’t go near it!  There isn’t an antidote to counter the effects!

most dangerous animals
Credits: travail personnel de Richard Ling/Wikimedia Commons

8/ Yellow frogs

This frog lives in Colombia and is one of the most venomous frogs in the world.  In fact it is considered to be the most venomous animal in the world. Like the globe fish, you should not trust its appearance. It might look cute and harmless, but stay well clear. If it feels threatened, the frog’s skin begins to secrete batrachotoxin which starts attacking the nervous system, muscles and heart. It only takes a few minutes to succumb to the poison. A single small frog can cause the death of 10 healthy adult men. The indigenous tribes of Colombia use this toxin to make deadly darts, by simply rubbing the tip on the back of a frog, without hurting it. The poison remains active for about 2 years!

most dangerous animals
Credits: GLady/Wikimedia Commons

9/ Saltwater crocodile

This is one of the biggest and most dangerous crocodile species in the world.  It can be found in Oceania and in the waters of Southeast Asia. It is best not to cross this crocodile’s territory, as you’d risk of being violently attacked! In fact, deaths caused by marine crocodiles are far more numerous than those caused by sharks.  This saltwater crocodile is very comfortable in water and can swim very fast. It can measure up to 6 meters long and can weigh several hundred kilos. it’s most most impressive characteristic is it’s jaw which is strong enough to compete with a T-Rex!

most dangerous animals
Credits: sarangib/Pixabay

10/ Black mamba

This snake gets its name from the colour of its palette which is completely black.  Measuring between 2.3 and 4 metres long, the black mamba snake is very agile on land and in the forest and is very poisonous!  If the snake feels threatened or if it doesn’t want you in its territory, it can bite you several times.  Its venom is made up of a neurotoxin which paralyses its prey meaning it can digest it better.  When a human has been bitten by a black mamba an antidote must be injected within 20 minutes! 

most dangerous animals
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Very dangerous, powerful and beautiful animals… you won’t want to get too close! 


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