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Mirror images: 17 incredible water reflections

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Puddles can sometimes act as a mirror which reflects the landscape around it into infinity. Here is a list of incredible water reflections that will make you reflect on the beauty of the world around us. Take a moment and appreciate the stillness!

There is no need to hunt for an editing programme to look at landscapes upside down. Puddles of water can do this for you! Just like a mirror, water can reflect stunning images of natural or city landscapes. Some cities like Bordeaux have especially installed water features like the L’Miroir d’Eau to reflect the city’s beautiful architecture. If it is a calm day the landscape inside the mirror of water appears to go on forever…

1/ Perfectly aligned trees

The aligned trees become a piece of artwork in the ripple free water! Doesn’t it look slightly mysterious?

2/ Seeing double

Will the scooter’s shadow, or I should really say reflection, go faster than the original?

3/ Cloud perfection

Every atmospheric cloud has been replicated to perfection in this stunning reflection.

4/ A bridge to infinity

Where does the bridge start and where does it finish? A water mirror with dazzling perfection!

5/ Angel’s leap

This bridge looks like it is the best place to take a “which way is up” photograph!

6/ The tree of life

This tree looks like it’s roots come from the watery depths.

7/Translucent water

The river is so translucent that the water’s reflection gives an otherworldly appearance!