Caught in the moment: 15 incredible photos captured before the inevitable happened

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

11/ Fall from a height

This does not look like a good landing. The poor rider is going to suffer from some painful lower back injuries…

12/ A car that’s about to topple

This car will very soon smack the water with a loud boom. However for the moment we can hold our breath and admire the gravity of silence!

13/Dog biscuit ready to be eaten

This hungry dog is concentrating like nothing else. Will it be successful? There is no doubt about it!

14/ All in the face

The smile on this boy’s face will quickly evaporate and to be replaced by a surly scowl!

15/ A fish about to be gobbled up

A few moments later this silvery fish will be digested by it’s agile predator. A beautiful image caught in the moment!

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