Caught in the moment: 15 incredible photos captured before the inevitable happened

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

6/ An icy shower

A bucket of icy water is a great way to end a squabble!

7/ A sparrow that won’t last long

This poor sparrow doesn’t stand a chance between the claws of this fierce cat hilariously standing on it’s hind legs! RIP.

8/Carefully arranged but never tasted

A real shame, this wedding cake really looks delicious!

9/ An impressive fall

A public personality takes an impressive tumble in front of a crowd. However no one really seems to care…

10/ A starving squirrel

A peanut that won’t last long in the hands of this famished squirrel. Is it just me or does it remind you of the squirrel in Ice Age? Let’s hope it doesn’t have the same outcome!