Caught in the moment: 15 incredible photos captured before the inevitable happened

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

Photos that are caught in the moment can capture some of the most astonishing shots. For proof, all you need to do is have a look at the following 15 incredible photos. Capturing the moment is an art that photographers strive to achieve!

Whether you are a profession photographer or not, photographs that are caught in the moment are always impressive. These photographs capture crucial moments before the inevitable happens: as the cakes slides out of your hands and crashes to the floor, as a cat traps it’s prey in it’s claws or as drinks come toppling to the ground! Whatever the final outcome, these photos show what happens just seconds beforehand. The moment is then immortalised in print! Here are 15 photos caught in the moment, which leave your imagination do the rest…

1/ A cat ready to strike

This cat is clearly intent on bursting the balloon. Although the photo doesn’t show the cat’s reaction afterwards… we can just imagine!

2/ Wasted pints

We wouldn’t fancy finding ourselves in this ski restaurant when his three pints come crashing to the ground…

3/ About to be bitten

The duck’s beak is going snap down in the wrong place!

4/ Bubble ready to bust

Who wouldn’t take pleasure in bursting a big bubble like that!

5/ Splash!

This real life photo literally sends shivers down your spine! Luckily it doesn’t look chilly outside…