Home decor: 20 original ways to hide unsightly cables

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Can you no longer stand your jumble of electrical cables? Hiding your tangle of cables is not an easy job. However have a look at the list below and you’ll find some simple ideas!

It is difficult to live without electricity today and with that you end up having lots of unsightly cables. Even if you have chosen fixed lighting instead of bedside lamps, a rechargeable vacuum cleaner or a laptop computer, you will still have television cables, internet box cables and your fixed computer. Here are lots of brilliant ideas for hiding those unsightly cables so that you have a more organised living space.

1/ Attractive fenced skirting board

Now your cables are securely fenced in and you no longer have an unsightly mess!

2/ A cable design

It is just like a piece of art! If your cable is long enough you can easily make an effective design!

3/ A fake book to hide the internet box

This is an ingenious idea.

4/Attractive pieces of rope

If you can’t do anything but leave your cables on show why not make them look more appealing to the eye. You can make them look like attractive pieces of ropes.

5/ A pretty cardboard box

A simply tip to hide cables that are lying around under the telly, beside a desk or behind the computer.

6/ A little curtain

Install a little curtain to hide your jumbled mess of cables under your computer desk. No one will be any the wiser!

7/ A chunky necklace

An original way to glam up your cables that run along your skirting boards in a snakelike fashion.