Good Wife’s Guide….10 old fashioned “good practices” for the perfect wife!

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6/ “Prepare the evening meal before your husband gets home”

Show your husband that you have thought about him during the day and that you are concerned about his needs.  Most men are hungry when they get home and knowing that they can wolf down a plate of their favourite meal is part of warm welcome they receive.”

guide de la bonne épouse
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7/ “Never complain if your husband is late or goes out without you”

Don’t get angry at your husband if he gets home late or goes out to dinner without you.  TRy to understand that his way of life is stressful and that he needs to relax.”

8/ “Make yourself look beautiful”

Take time to get yourself relaxed before your husband gets home from his day at work.  Retouch your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and have a bubbly air. Tell yourself that he has had a hard day and has rubbed shoulders with people who are not always easy.

9/ “Be cheerful and interesting”

Your husband has had a difficult and boring day and needs a little energy boost.  It is your job to make yourself more beautiful.”

10/ “Show your husband that you are happy to see him”

Welcome your husband warmly when he comes home from work and listen to him when he speaks“.

guide de la bonne épouse
Credits photo : Max Pixel

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Source : 100 % Féminin & Le “Guide de la bonne épouse”, The Housekeeping Monthly