Good Wife’s Guide….10 old fashioned “good practices” for the perfect wife!

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How should we behave if we are a good wife?  Making yourself look nice before your husband comes home from work, listen to their problems without ever talking about your own, by preparing his favourite meal or lighting the fire before he flops onto the sofa…. these sexist duties for a wife won’t necessarily strike a chord with the modern women of today! Ladies, you will surely cry out in horror after reading a few of these old sayings!

The Good Wife’s Guide was an article that appeared in the the American Magazine he Housekeeping Monthly en 1955.  It aimed to give married women of the 1950s advice about how to be exemplary wives.  Although this article might not have created a massive scandal at the time it’s would certainly not go down well in today’s society, thankfully!

1/ “Don’t worry your husband with your own problems”

“Your house should be a place of peace where your husband can enjoy recharging his energy.  Don’t annoy him with your personal problems and don’t complain.”

guide de la bonne épouse
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2/ “Make sure your house is tidy before your husband comes home”

Before your husband comes home tidy up your living room.  Clear away any toys, papers or school books and give the tables a dust.

3/ “In winter, get the fire lit so that your husband can come back to a nice home”

Light the fire so that your husband can relax and feel his is in an oasis of calm.  Looking after his well-being and happiness is a form of personal satisfaction.

4/ “Get your children ready, cleaned up and calm if needed”

Wash your children’s hands and face, brush their hair and change their clothes if they are dirty.  Calm them down if they get excited, noise is not appreciated after a hard day.”

5/ “Wait before recounting your day, remember that your husbands arguments are more important”

“Even if you have lots of things to say to him, wait for the right moment to speak and make sure that it is him to starts the conversation.  Remember that his arguments are more important than your own.”

guide de la bonne épouse
Credits photo : Max Pixel