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Gemini Missions: 13 incredible photos of Earth taken from Space

Credits photo : NASA

8/ Ed White leaving the shuttle, 1965

In zero-gravity, the view is even better!

missions Gemini espace
Photo credit: NASA
espace missions Nasa
Photo credit: Wikimedia commons

9/ First American the walk in space, 1965

The astronaut Ed White was the first American to experience zero-gravity in space during the Gemini mission IV on the 3 June 1965.   The first person to walk in space was the Soviet astronaut Alexei Leonov in March 1965.

mission espace
Photo credit: NASA

10/ Flash-back: Space walk, Gemini IV, 1965

Ed White made history by leaving the hatch of the space capsule on the 3 June 1965.  The first American in space lasted 23 minutes.

Photo credit: Flickr

11/ Eugène Cernan,  Gemini IX’s pilot

This impressive photo shows Eugène Cernan, the pilot of Gemini IXA outside the Gemini IX shuttle.  The shot was taken during a space walk that lasted 2 hours and 8 minutes on the 5 June 1966.

Photo credit: NASA

12/ Edward White floats in space, Gemini IV, 1965

The American pilot Edward White and pilot of the Gemini IV flight floats in space during his first space walk.  The extra-vehicular activity was carried out after the third Earth orbit during the fourth Gemini mission programme.

cosmonaute dans l'espace nuages
Photo credit: NASA

13/ Water landing from Gemini V, 1965

The American astronaut Gordon Cooper is hoisted towards an American marine helicopter during a recuperation operation.  He was fished out of the Atlantic Ocean after a record mission of 8 days on board Gemini V.

Photo credit: NASA

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