Freddie Mercury: 15 rare photos before his death that will break your heart

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A just interpretation of a musical legend is rare to come by but Rami Malek was up to the task. The recent film “Bohemian Rhapsody”, recounts the life story of Freddie Mercury, the front man of the rock group,Queen.

Freddie Mercury wasn’t always Freddie Mercury. Born Farrokh Bulsara in Tanzania to Pakistani parents, he set off to London just after he turned 16 years old. The rest that followed we know already. In 2002 he landed the 58th place in the top 100 famous British people. While the Rolling Stone magazine gave him a top place in the list of the greatest singers of all time. Sufferer of Aids, the British musician died following pneumonia on 24 November 1991. He had only publicly announced that he was a carrier of the virus the day before he died.

1/Last moments in colour

Freddie Mercury’s mature and weaker face twinges our heart.

2/ Last photo of Freddie alive

To the knowledge of the media, this photo taken in the signer’s garden is the last photo of the legend before his death.

3/ A changed face

With a drawn face and an unusually skeletal appearance, it is difficult to recognise the signer who used to be full of passion and vibrancy.

4/The serious look

It is rare to see Freddie Mercury wearing such a normal outfit.

5/ The eternal star

The striking photo makes you think of Micheal Jackson after his operation.