Film Make-up: 10 of the most impressive transformations

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6/ Charlize Theron in Monster

Charlie Theron plays the role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, in this biopic drama.  For this feature film role, Ms Theron had to entirely transform herself by gaining 15 kg and drying out her hair.  She also had to wear a latex mask and false teeth for the entire film shooting.

Charlize Theron Monster
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7/ Ray Park in Star Wars

Ray Park had to go through a two hour make up session every day to become the famous Dark Maul.  If that wasn’t enough he had to have eight horns stuck to his forehead!

Ray Park Darth Maul maquillages de cinéma
Montage Laliste / Credits: Filmic Box, Youtube ; BrokenSphere, Wikimedia Commons

8/ Benicio Del Toro in Wolfman

The director of the film Joe Johnson described Benicio Del Toro’s makeup.  He said that “The make up was applied in several stages.  It wasn’t a mask.  We didn’t want to rely solely on computer generated images as they often give an unrealistic image and violate the laws of physics.  We attempted total realism.  Using special effects allows you to push the barrier of what is possible to do with makeup.”  The actor sat through 3 hours of make up everyday to get this realistic effect.

Benicio Del Toro Wolfman Maquillages de cinéma
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9/ Jeff Goldblum in The Fly

For his role in The Fly, the actor Jeff Goldblum had to put up with almost 5 hour long make up sessions!  This is the amount of time it took to construct the prosthetic.  The actor admitted a few years later that it was one of the biggest constraints of his career.  However these sessions were worth it as the the film received many prizes including an Oscar for the Best Makeup.  It also features in our top list of impressive transformations which is also a big deal…

Jeff Goldblum La mouche Maquillage
Edited Laliste / Credits: Wikipedia; daveruda, Youtube

10/ Ron Perlman in Hellboy

While playing the role of Hellboy the only real parts of Ron Perlman’s body were his left hand and his eyelids.  All the rest was makeup!  Everyday It took four hours for Jake Garber, his makeup artist to place the mask on the actor.  Despite all the makeup, we can really see each facial  expression without thinking it is a disguise!

Hellboy Ron Perlman Maquillages de cinéma
Edited Laliste / Credits: Wikipedia; MOVIE PREDICTOR, Youtube

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