Snacks: 10 surprising facts about your favourite nibbles!

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6/ Crisps and snacks

In some households pre dinner snacks are important.  It is the time to share a good moment together with family and friends over some drinks and snacks.  The problem with nibbles like crisps and breadsticks is that once you start it is very difficult to stop!  However this not just by chance.  According to nutritionists  puffed up nibble snacks are a fine example of “non-existent caloric density“. In other words, they melt so quickly in the mouth that our brain does not have time to detect them. Our brain then starts to think that the body has not ingested any calories and does not indicate to the stomach that it is full. Clever!

biscuits souffles aperitif snacks
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7/ Vegetable crisps and healthy looking snacks

They are great alternative to traditional crisps made from potatoes.  However you need to be careful.  The majority of brands that produce these crisps don’t necessarily use vegetables to make them.  There name then becomes rather pointless… Instead many brands use fibers, proteins and vitamins but very small amounts of vegetables.  Nevertheless fat levels are lower than classic crisps.  We cans stop saying it… homemade is always best !

chips de legumes snacks
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8/ Gelatin sweets – Kid’s favourite but a parent’s nightmare

This is no longer a secret. Most people know how our little colorful bears (among others) are truly made. Gelatin, which can be found in almost all jelly sweets has animal origins. Animal bones, skin remains and fat are crushed and then boiled to obtain a gelatinous substance. This process, discovered in the Middle Ages, is now an integral part of industrial production chains. Read the labels carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises!

bonbons gélatine oursons
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9/ Black olives and healthy snacks filled with fat

Olives are often a great pre-dinner drink snack along with carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes. However you can’t eat a lot of these delicious treats.  They are high in calories and are rich in sodium.  If you want to avoid putting on weight or if you are on a diet perhaps stay clear of black olives!  They are full of good fats but you should not eat too much.

olives noires
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10/ Popcorn – puffed up corn which is not just air!

This is one of the oldest snacks out there. In Peru, archaeologists discovered traces of popcorn dating back to 1000 years. However this snack is emblematic with cinemas.  When you are at home there really is nothing better than a packet of popcorn in front of the telly… or is this really the case! The smell that wafts from packets heated in the microwaves contains toxic chemicals. Diacetyl gives a pleasant buttery smell to popcorn however it can also lead to serious diseases. This is the same for the insulating material of “microwavable” packets. Breathing problems, Alzheimer’s or kidney disease or just some of the potential health risks. Instead, why not make your own popcorn with some corn and a pan and lid and flavour to your liking?

pop corn
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