Fairytale Castles: 15 of Europe’s most beautiful castles

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8/ Chateau de Chambord, France

This impressive palace was built in the 16th century in a French Renaissance architectural style.  It is the largest castle in the Loire Valley and initially was meant to serve as the hunting lodge for King Francis I.  After the revolution the castle fell into disrepair but restoration efforts in the 19th century mean the castle has now become a popular tourist destination.

Chateau de Chambord
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9/ Conwy Castle, Wales

Conwy Castle is a medieval castle that was built for Edward I in the 13th century during his conquest of Wales. UNESCO has declared the castle to be one of the finest examples of military architecture from this historical period.

Conwy Castle
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10/ Guaita Fortress, San Marino

Guaita Fortress is oldest and biggest of the three towers on Mont Titano.  It was originally constructed in the 11th century and was for a short time used as a prison. Since its final restoration in 1930, the fortress is now open to the public.

Guaita forteresse
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11/ Sparrow Nest Castle, Ukraine

Sparrow nest castle is a new-Gothic style castle near to Yalta on the Black Sea coast in Crimea.  Built on the Aurora cliff this castle sits 40 metres above the sea and constitutes one of the symbols of the Ukrainian peninsula.

châteaux et forteresses d'Europe
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12/ Bran (or Dracula’s) Castle, Romania

This Transylvanian castle is build close to the Wallachia border.  It is a historical monument and is classed as a prized tourist destination in Romania.  The castle now belongs to the Habsburgs as it was in 1918.  The castle is often also called Dracula’s castle.

château de Dracula
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13/ Hohenschwangau Castle, Germany

This fortress was originally built by the knights of Schwangau near to Füssen in Bavaria.  From its origins in the 12th century the castle had many governors and suffered various fires and destruction.  The castle was rebuilt in 1837 by King Maximilian of Bavaria and was home to his son, the famous King Ludwig II, a friend of the composer Richard Wagner.   

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

14/ Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

Built in 13th century, this magnificent castle fortress is located on the Albtrauf in Germany.  The castle is also known as the Fairy Tale Castle of Wurtemburg.  The castle, which sits on a rocky and naturally defended outcrop, was entirely redone in a troubadour style in 1842.  Nowadays it has been the setting for many films including the Three Musketeers.

châteaux et forteresses
Credits photo : Wikipedia

15/ The Palace of Pena, Portugal

Situated in the Sintra Hills, the palace and grounds of Pena were the creation of Ferdinand II of Portugal. The site is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the top places to visit in Portugal. The castle stands out due to its vibrantly coloured walls painted red, yellow and orange.

Palace of Pena
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