Facial expressions: 20 memes showing “what you look like when…”

Credit: Pinterest screenshot

Some people are difficult to read while others are like an open book! Our facial expressions are an important aspect of our character and our non verbal communication. Here are 20 images of what your face can look like in certain situations. These accurate expressions of us in everyday situations will be sure to give you a good laugh!

Although everyone can have their own facial expressions some are universal. Below are 20 memes taken from pinterest which are proof that we are all the same in certain situations. Who knew you could give so much away with just a squint of your eyes, curl of a smile or raising your eyebrows?

1/ Feeling like the gooseberry

We’ve all been there…

2/ Parental grimace

Why did I ask them to help again!

3/ Sister time!

Whose buying in the vino? We’ve got so much to catch up on!!!

4/ Fake smile

You can’t win them all!

5/ Time of the month

You know you’re being irrational but what can you do…it’s the time of the month!

6/ Keep it cool

Occupy your mouth so you don’t spill the beans…

7/ Dieting difficulties

One chocolate doesn’t count, does it?

8/ Dramatic fall

You might as well make a big deal about it when you take a tumble!