Exceptional children: 11 unique kids with unusual characteristics

Credit: YouTube Screenshot from "LES 10 ENFANTS LES PLUS ÉTRANGES DU MONDE", Lama Faché

7/ Jare Ljalana, The prettiest girl in the world

Jare is so beautiful that she doesn’t seem real.  At hardly five years old, the little Nigerian girl is just extraordinary.  Her mother decided to post a photo of her little girl on Instagram which ended up attracting more than 50,000 likes and became an international buzz.  It is hardly surprising to hear that the girl is now a child model.

8/ Nariyana, An albino child born to dark skinned parents

Nariyana is the next albino model.  With milky white skin, hair that is almost white and transparent eyes, it is hard to imagine that this little girl is born into a family with dark skin!

9/ Tessa Evans, Born without a nose

Tessa was born without a nose.  However her lack of sinuses don’t prevent her from having fun.  The young Irish girl does as every little girl does and enjoys jumping about and playing.  The only problem is little Tessa has no sense of smell.  Her family have launched a call for donations so that she can have am artificial 3D nose graft that needs to be changed every two years.

enfants exceptionnels parents maman
YouTube Screenshot: “LES 10 ENFANTS LES PLUS ÉTRANGES DU MONDE”, Lama Faché

10/ Chahat Kumar, Obese child

At hardly eight months old this enormous baby already weighs 17 kilos.  However at birth this little girl was a normal size for a new born.  Her parents quickly realised that over time and with age she had a growing appitite and started eating like a child of 10 years old.  Chahat’s obesity started to worry her parents as her sleep was becoming disturbed as was her respiratory system.

bébé obèse
YouTube Screenshot: “LES 10 ENFANTS LES PLUS ÉTRANGES DU MONDE”, Lama Faché

11/ Madden Humphreys, odd-eyed child with cleft lip

This handsome young boy certainly has unique characteristics with his vibrant odd-coloured eyes.  Madden wasn’t always as happy as he felt segregated by his difference as he also has a cleft lip which is less noticeable nowadays.  Luckily the little boy could smile when he found a friend in a cat with the same genetic condition as himself!

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