Endangered species: 10 animals that need protected pronto!

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More than half of land-based wildlife (and a lot of plant life) have disappeared in the last forty years.  Not only does this scale of extinction send shivers down your spine but hopefully it will encourage us to do something about it! Endangered species are much more numerous than you might think.  Here are just 10 animals that are critically threatened with extinction which were published in the IUCN Red List (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).  However these animals far from represent the complete list.

According to the last report published by the WWF, we have lost 60% of wild animal species  including fish, birds, mammals and reptiles in 40 years. That is more than half…   It is fair to say the situation is critical and we know who is to blame.  It is a large part due the impact humans have had on biodiversity although we tend to forget it!   Throughout the planet’s history, many species have become extinct or evolved over time.  However this has always happened as a result of a natural phenomenon.  Today, animals are not becoming extinct as a result of natural causes.  Instead these species are suffering because of human development and activity.  Here are 10 species that are threatened by imminent extinction that need to be urgently protected.  It is high time we did something about this alarming situation!

1/ Bawean deer, Indonesia

Bawean deer also known as Kuhl’s hog-deer has been classified as one of the species most threatened by extinction since 2008.  This classification is due to the limited numbers left.  This decline is predominately caused by a reduced habitat.  At the end of the year 2000 there were only 250 deer on the island of Bawean, in Indonesia.

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2/ The Red Wolf, North America

Declared an extinct species in 1980, the Red Wolf has been reintroduced in the wild in the USA. Today there is only one type of Red Wolf species and it is still in critical danger of becoming extinct.  The main causes of it’s precarious situation are due to persecution, the destruction of it’s natural habitats and interbreeding with coyotes.

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3/ Hawksbill Turtle, Tropical oceans

This species of turtle is found near to the coastlines of tropical oceans.  Why is it classified as endangered? The main reason is that it was hunted for it’s shell which have incredibly sought after scales.

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4/ Sea eagle, Madagascar

The sea eagle of Madagasgar is one of the rarest bird of prey species in the world and are classed as being critically endangered.  They are the biggest bird of prey in Madagascar.  Today there are only 360 specimens left. The reasons for it’s demise are multiple including the destruction of it’s natural habitat, persecution and interbreeding.

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5/ Flying Fox Bat (Fruit Bat), Papa New Guinea

The survival of the Flying Fox Bat in New Guinea is threatened by hunting and the destruction of it’s habitat. (Damp caves that are positioned at an altitude of more than 1400 m).  This bat is considered in critical danger of extinction and are part of the worrying list of the 100 most threatened species  since 2012.

espèces en voie de disparition
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